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Fragona International’s agro business activity started since long time under the banner of Biocare, which means the Organic farming and linking Bioscience with nature. The Biocare product range include Patchouli, Stevia and Neem.
» Stevia

Stevia is an incredibly sweet herb, obtained by a natural selective breeding process of the sweetest Stevia parent plants. The leaves of which yield its naturally occurring sweet substance, glycoside or stevioside at 7 to 10% , which is 300 times sweeter than sugar. The dried leaves of Stevia are about 40 times sweeter than sugar. It is highly stable at a wide range of Ph and tolerate up to 200 degree C and thus being an excellent sweetener for industrial processing.

The principal advantages of Stevia are Zero calorie, Sugar free, Zero Fat & Carbohydrate. Ideal for weight loss in obesity contain Antioxidant Selenium, zinc and etc. Use as antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal & reduces inflammation. It improves renal function & normalizes blood pressure with antidiabetic.

When you want pure unadulterated stevia that is tested to assure it is safe, and one that consistently wins praise from customers and competitors for taste and quality try Biocare Stevia plant, powder or extract
Biocare Stevia plant - the natural selective breeding process of the sweetest Stevia parent plants with guaranteed stevioside content 7 to 10%.

Biocare Stevia dried leaves and powder- Proper drying with specialized method is necessary to get the exact sweetness, taste & flavor. For bulk application it is always preferable to use dried leaf powder .


Biocare Stevia Extracts and unrefined Stevioside - The process involves the processing of dried Stevia rebaudiana leaves, two stages of adsorption, purification, concentration and drying. This natural sweetener is capable of withstanding heat and acidity in foods or other products of commercial value such as nutraceuticals and food ingredients.

» Specification Of Stevia
Color & Appearance Bright green to light green powder or dry leaf
Flavor Fresh herbal sweet with touch of Licorice
Mesh Size Varied- To pass the quality
Moisture Content 8% Maximum
Foreign Matter Negligible- To pass the quality
Minimum Stevioside Content Seven percent +/- 2%
Maximum Stevioside Content Ten Percent +/- 2%
Packing In Five, Twenty five Kilo Bags
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