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Fragona International’s agro business activity started since long time under the banner of Biocare, which means the Organic farming and linking Bioscience with nature. The Biocare product range include Patchouli, Stevia and Neem.
» Patchouli
Indian consumption of this oil is about 70 to 80 MT per annum. At present it is mostly produced in Indonesia. India has considerable scope to enter the world market. Even if 10,000 acre of land is cultivated, the oil produced can be easily marketed globally.
Biocare Patchouli plant

Fragona offer the selected variety patchouli plant with guaranteed patchouli oil yield 2.5 to 3% from dried leaves.
Biocare Patchouli powder

Dry leaves of patchouli gives fine dust patchouli powder, which is suitable for incense manufacturing ingredients.
Biocare Patchouli oil

Biocare offer well aged and satisfying Patchouli oil, well demanded for its distinctly herbaceous, earthy and musky aroma with patchouli alcohol content not less than 30%.

» Specification of Patchouli

Origin: India
Color Yellowish to brownish
Specific gravity at 25 C 0.9645
Refractive Index 1.507
Solubility in 90% Ethanol 1:7
Acid Value 4.1
Ester Value 6.5
Optical Rotation (-) 48
Patchouli Alcohol More than 30%
Foreign matter Negative
Added Alcohol Negative
Fat Negative
Mineral Oil Negative
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