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The main activity of Fragona international is in the field of fragrance with focusing to provide small and medium size Incense, candle, soap, personal care and aromatherapy companies with "one stop shopping" for fragrance ingredients, finished fragrances, cutting edge custom creativity and perfumery. We have an extensive range of Fragrances from which we can recommend a fragrance of your liking. We can also develop fragrances for your specific application.
All the products and brands manufactured by Fragona International are created with a high degree of perfection. Each and every product is personified and made to go through the rigorous process of quality control. We have a well-equipped Research & Development Department, engaged in the process of continuously experimenting with chemical combinations and compositions, thus creating unique blends and introducing newer brands. In the process of doing so, it is always our quest to maintain the specified quality standards. A great deal of efforts goes into perfecting and assuring supplies of raw materials.
Our teams of Fragrance Industry Professionals have big company training and experience but have chosen to share this knowledge and experience directly with our small and medium size Incense, candle, soap, personal care and aromatherapy clients.
All of our fragrances are cosmetic grade!
No alcohol! No acetone! No mineral oil!
We have Basic fragrances along with countertype reproduction of famous designer perfume type fragrances, which are as follows-
CK-1 type Jasmine Lemon Cardamom
Cool Water type Rose Cherry Vanilla
Charlie type Tuberose Mandarin Rosemary
DKNY type Violet Strawberry Cinnamon
Drakkar type Bouquet Mango Cassia
Dune type Mogra Grape Thyme
Eternity type Narcissus Mixed Fruit Nutmeg
Jasmine type Lavender Peach Clove
Fantasia Carnation Green Apple Basil
Hugo Boss type Lilac Orange Saffron
Joop type Lotus Pineapple Mint
Jovan Musk type Lily Coconut  
Obsession type Magnolia    
Opium type Honeysuckle    
Poison type Gardenia    
Polo type Lily of the Valley    
Shalimar type Shiuli    
Tommy Girl type Sona Champa    
Essential oils

Essential oils are isolated using advanced distillation technology from spices, flowers and herbs. Modern distillation techniques ensure that the most valuable fractions are preserved in the distillate. These components are the odoriferous, volatile components of plant material that contribute to the characteristic aroma and flavour.

They provide a uniform flavour profile, without imparting colour to the final product. They are free from enzymes and tannins and also microbiologically stable.

Why Buy from Fragona?

Essential Oils have been the heart of our company since 1996. Our experience will assist you in sourcing high quality oils at very competitive prices. Smelling an essential oil is valuable for detecting some adulterants but mainly for off odor constituents such as "still" notes. These off odor components have little impact on the objective therapeutic value of oil except for subjective psychological impression, which is important also. This is why Fragona uses a panel to sort through prospective oils by smell, and then we analyze the oil. If the oil passes the availability test, the smell test and analysis, then we recommend it.
Fragona’s essential oils comply with the international specifications.

Fragona’s range of world class essential oils include:

 » Aniseed oil, Sweet Basil oil, Benzoin resinoid, Bergamot Oil
» Pepper oil, Cedarwood oil, Cinnamon Leaf oil, Citronella oil
» Clove Bud oil, Eucalyptus Lemon oil or Citrodora oil, Eucalyptus oil
» Geranium oil, Ginger oil, Lavender oil, Lemon oil, Lemongrass oil
» Orange oil Sweet, Palmarosa oil, Patchouli oil, Peppermint oil
» Peru Balsam, Petitgrain oil, Rosemary oil, Sandalwood oil
» Spearmint oil, Thyme Red, Vetiver oil, Ylang Ylang oil
» Cardamom oil, Cumin seed oil, Cassia oil, Curry leaf oil, Mace oil
» Celery oil, Davana oil, Fennel oil, Nutmeg oil
» Garlic oil, Olibanum resinoid, Coriander oil, Hing (Asafoetida) oil and more
» Carrier oils- Almond, Sweet, Olive, Peanut, Sesame, Sunflower
Fragona’s major contributions to the global perfumery industry are floral concretes and absolutes.

Carefully processed to preserve the delicate fragrance of freshly harvested blossoms, Floral extracts of Jasmine, Kewra, Champaka, Rose and Tuberose are key components in a number of successful perfumery and cosmetic formulations worldwide.

Absolutes, Attar or Floral concretes from Fragona include:

CHAMPAKA- Michelia Champaka,

PANDANUS (KEWRA)- Pandanus odoratissimus

TUBEROSE- Polyanthes tuberosa,

Rose Absolute, Rosa centifolia, Jasmine Absolute, Jasminum grandiflorum

To know more about the above essential oil & carrier oil please go to the description page
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