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Fragona presents for the first time in India the Aromadrops, which is the latest economic way of all-purpose solid Air Freshening system for scenting car, home and office or wherever you want the long lasting freshness. Only small amounts of Aromadrops are needed to fragrance an area.

The Aromadrops are several times more powerfully scented compare to potpourri.

These specially formulated drops are beautiful in gorgeous color with different fragrance.

The Aromadrops are so effective and easy to use that they have hundreds of applications. Only small amounts of Aromadrops are needed to fragrance an area. Aromadrops need to be placed in an open dish or a perforated airflow bag where air will circulate to allow the fragrance to flow.

The aroma in our Aromadrops are “True-to-nature” and must be experienced fully to be appreciated which are available in ranges like-


Experience the freshness of springtime during any season with a bouquet of classic floral and lush rain-touched garden fragrances.

Tantalize your senses with these juicy fruit fragrances that will invigorate the mind and transport you to a tropical paradise or country orchard.

Invigorate your senses by bringing the outdoors into your home with these nature-inspired fragrances.

Indulge yourself and your surroundings with identical deluxe perfume Scents that set the mood for enjoyment and comfort.
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Aromadrop packing

25 grams of Aromadrops are packed in a pet jar and the container is place in a nicely decorated printed box. 12 such boxes are pack in a dozen box.

Our products are available in consumer-sized packages, ready for you to sell.

However, you can save that cost by having yourself, family, friends, or employees "fill bottles". It's quick & easy

Alternatively, you can get the product pre-packaged and add your own Private label!

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